Meet Broadway Wiz Bright Star, Valerie from Tuscaloosa, AL.

Her favorite performer is Aaron Tveit and she loves meeting other fans at BroadwayCon.

On average, how many Broadway shows do you see a year?
2-3 if I make it to NYC

How many local shows or community theater shows do you see a year?
A dozen or more

Favorite Broadway show:
Next to Normal

All-time favorite performer:
Aaron Tveit

Songs you like to belt in the shower:
Not a shower singer, but usually have whatever I’m listing to playing in my head

Favorite piece of theater memorabilia you own:
Signed Finding Neverland Playbill from Matthew Morrison’s last show

Most memorable performance you’ve ever seen:
OBC Hamilton–my husband won the lottery!

Best interaction you have had with another theater fan:
BroadwayCon two years running

Why do you love theater?
It’s an escape from reality while also reframing reality in ways you may not have considered before.

Dream roles?
Eponine (Les Mis), Brenda (Catch Me If You Can)

Best stagedoor or backstage experience?
Met Will Roland (Dear Evan Hansen) at a random Times Square bar. It was so incredible because he made a point to recognize the DEH band members he was there with.