In 2013 The Tony Awards announced it would be holding a Student Lottery for its 67th Annual Awards Show. The lottery took place outside Broadway’s Helen Hayes Theater (240 West 44th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues), then home to Rock of Ages. I was there on Thursday, June 6th at 12 noon, along with hundreds of other people. It was so crowded the line stretched both ways along the whole street block! Justin Matthew Sargent, who played Drew in Rock of Ages, picked the names in typical lottery fashion. The difference being the size and noise of the crowd; the cheering for winners was INSANE.
And guess what?


I was able to purchase two tickets for $40 each, cash only. This is an unbelievable price and by far the coolest Broadway lottery I have ever won. I can’t wait to hear if they’ll be running a student lottery this year!

The lottery had such an unexpectedly large turnout, that when they inevitably ran out of lottery tickets, the committee allowed them to begin selling discounted tickets for those who hadn’t won. Obviously not at the same price but still much, much less than the going rate.

Once I won the tickets, I could not stop smiling and telling everyone I won. The hardest part was picking whom to go with! I was eagerly awaiting June 9th. It was only three days away but it felt like forever.