Tips for a fun BroadwayCon experience

As BroadwayCon approaches, we’re getting more excited each day. Last year’s blizzard may have thrown a wrench in some plans, but if BroadwayCon 2016 taught us anything, it’s to roll with the punches and look forward to the unexpected. It still can’t hurt to be prepared, especially since BroadwayCon looks like it has been super-sized this year – bigger venue, more people and more events. The key to having a good time can be boiled down to one word: RESPECT. If you stick to that, everyone is bound to leave happy.

Respect the talent. Don’t be obnoxious or pushy when you spot your favorite star. If you see that they are busy or want to be left alone, keep your distance. If they are kind enough to stop for you, be polite and don’t get angry if they refuse to sign something or take a photo.

Respect the other BroadwayCon attendees. Everyone shelled out money to be there and wants to have the best experience possible. That doesn’t mean you are entitled to be rude or pushy. If you have a negative attitude, it spoils the mood for you and everyone in your vicinity. There will be a lot of downtime or waiting in lines- if you’re nice to the people around you, it will create a positive environment and more people will leave happy.

Respect the rules. A lot of people work hard to make sure BroadwayCon runs smoothly, so if you don’t behave or follow instructions it makes their job very difficult and can also ruin the experience for other attendees. Some of the rules may not make sense to you or sound fair, but there is a reason for everything.

Respect the workers & volunteers. It can be very frustrating when an event gets canceled or delayed, but please don’t get angry at the workers. If you are asked to move to a different seat or not take photos, remember, they are just doing their job. And don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you”!

Respect the cosplayers. I know it’s a habit to snap photos of every interesting or odd thing you see, but ask permission before photographing strangers. I doubt the Phantom wants to be caught stuffing a sandwich in his mouth. Also, keep your hands to yourself! It might be tempting to touch someone’s costume, but not without consent!

Respect yourself. Wear comfortable shoes, Javits Center is a large venue. Make sure to pack a bag that is easy to hold all day. Bring snacks and drinks, so you don’t have to wait on long lines or pay for overpriced items.  Take a portable phone battery and an extra camera battery. Always keep a sharpie and a camera accessible.

Additional Tips

Plan ahead. Use the official BroadwayCon app (available on iTunes and Google Play) and plan your schedule beforehand, but also understand that nothing is set in stone. Events can get delayed or canceled last minute, stars might have schedule changes, etc. Be flexible and go with the flow. View all the waiting periods as an opportunity to make new friends! You can bring small games to help pass time, or play Broadway Heads Up! on your phone.

Make a packing list. Think of all the little items you might need throughout the day- tissues, painkillers, hand sanitizer, deodorant, water bottle, etc.

Bring cash. Some of the vendors may not accept credit cards. There are ATMs on site, but they charge extra fees and there can be long lines as well.

Above all, stay positive and have an awesome time! Be sure to say hello if you see Broadway Wiz (Joy or Serena) and ask us for a Bright Star button!

Do you have any additional tips? Tell us in the comments below.

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