There’s A Place for Us at BroadwayCon 2017

Bigger venue. Bigger panels. Bigger crowds. BroadwayCon 2017 did such a great job combining the communal feeling of its first year with a fresh new “bigger is better” attitude. Highlights of this year’s BroadwayCon were the varied types of panels, the main stage events, the marketplace and easier access to your favorite Broadway stars! Broadway Wiz asked fans what their highlights were from BroadwayCon 2017. Check out the answers below!

Angelica Calabro: I loved BroadwayCon because it created a magical space. As a non-theatre person (meaning I have no involvement in theatre outside attending shows) BroadwayCon was like walking into a Candy Shop. When you’re non-theatre person, it’s hard to find others that share your love of the theatre. I walked into BroadwayCon and just felt at home. Surrounded by people who all had a common interest: Broadway. I was able to walk up to any person nearby and strike up a conversation. The excitement and atmosphere was contagious and addicting. BroadwayCon was as magical as Glinda’s bubble 😉

Sami DeSocio: BroadwayCon was more than I ever expected it to be. It was a creatively fulfilling environment with an air of love of theatre in the air. It was more than just a weekend of coming together, it was inspiring, left me with hope, and showed me I was far from alone! I loved every second of it and honestly can’t put the feeling of what I experienced in three short days into words…you just have to FEEL it!

Peter David Zhong: BroadwayCon is above all a celebration of all things theatre, which connects people from all over, which was evident during the whole event. It was my first time at the event, and even the Javits Center, and I enjoyed every moment. From singing along to a pianist with others, to seeing Joe Iconis in person for a wonderful concert, I’d relive the day again and again!

Karen Hopkins: It’s true, “there is no business like show business” but we have to add that “there are no people like Broadway people.” Met some of the nicest people ever. It was a joy to be among such cool, kind and talented people of all ages! There was no drama. (pun intended.)

Nicolette Navarro: BroadwayCon represented and celebrated theatre. It connects those who are passionate about theatre. I loved the fact that I met all types of people from all over the world, with actors, directors, producers, and social media teams who create work, and are passionate about it. This was my first time at BroadwayCon, and certainly will not be my last. I loved meeting my favorite people from the theatre community and getting the chance to hear them talk about their process and how much they in love
theatre as well.

Bridget Conway: BroadwayCon was exactly what the community needed in a time where people don’t feel like they belong or unsafe or unloved. This was a weekend fueled by love, panels and workshops and meetups, all fueled by the love of the arts, the love of Broadway, and the love for each other as a community. For three days, we as a community we’re able to escape a very scary place for a lot of people, and be with a community of people who understand each other and love each other. It was said during closing ceremonies. If we take the love that we have shown in our little corner of the sky (pun intended), and bring it into the world outside of it, maybe we can make our voices heard and make this world a little more of a kinder and safer place for everyone.

Lisa Port Weiss: I’m a little (okay a lot) older than a lot of the people who were at BroadwayCon. For me there are so many amazing things about this Con. First, seeing the next generation coming up and loving Broadway, merging the generations. Learning about upcoming shows that I might not have thought about, until learning about them here. Seeing stars I have loved for decades up close and in person. Just sharing our collective hearts and souls and making so many new friends. It truly is a community and being able to express that as a group is wonderful.

Gigi Gervais: My personal favorite moments this year we’re running into old friends from last year’s BroadwayCon, all of the social media panels & the overwhelming message of hope that was sprinkled through the weekend. There was so much love pouring out of every hallway, every programming room & every entrance, but what else would you expect from BroadwayCon? I’m already excited for next year!

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