Last week I was able to attend a an AOL Build interview featuring ‘The Last 5 Years’ with Richard LaGravenese and Jeremy Jordan.

Jeremy Jordan, the lead in the movie, Jordan had appeared in many Broadway shows, including Newsies, Bonnie and Clyde and Rock of Ages to name a few. Jordan stars opposite Anna Kendrick. Kendrick herself also appeared on broadway in High Society. She also flexed her musical chops on the big screen in Pitch Perfect and Into The Woods (which is still in theaters).

Here is a little of what happened at the interview from AOL Build. Richard LaGravenese, the director of the movie, talked about the challenges of making an off broadway show into a movie with the “he-sang/she-sang” format (Kathy sings about their relationship from its end; Jamie sings it from its beginning, they sing one song together the middle). LaGravenese said, “I love musical theater and wanted to keep this as pure as possible. This is why we did this independently rather than in Hollywood. The only thing I changed was having the actors sing to each other rather than the audience.”

In the off Broadway the each actors sang out to the audience you didn’t see the other actor’s face. “It worked so well on stage because the audience had to imagine the other character’s reactions,” Jordan said. “In the film we wanted to keep it natural … for me, it became about how much the other person was actually listening to each other, which is always a question in real life.”

When Jeremy Jordan was asked what he was going to do next, he answered that he is currently working on his solo album. I can’t wait to hear it! But I am also hoping he will return to Broadway soon.

It was so nice to be able to attend!
Watch the rest here: ‘The Last 5 Years’ with Richard LaGravenese and Jeremy Jordan.