The Gin Game

Wow! From start to finish The Gin Game was a sheer pleasure to watch, I enjoyed every second. James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson are the two spectacular people who are in the Broadway revival of Mr. Coburn’s comedy.

It’s a show about how two residents of a nursing home become new friends over a game of gin and how they become better friends the more they play. Weller played by Jones is obsessed with Gin and get Fonsia to play along. She’s not crazy about the game but they keep playing.

While playing they learn they have a lot in common and they start enjoying eachother’s company more and more. The more they play the more Fonsia wins and the madder Weller gets mad. Fonsia keeps saying she isn’t going to play anymore because she doesn’t like his temper, but after a bit of convincing from Weller she would sit down and start playing again. I don’t blame her it’s a fun game I would have gave in played also.


The show all takes place outside the nursing home, the set of the stage really does make it look like it is a home for old people. With all the old canes and walkers lying around and walls designed to look old and worn, you can really feel as if alot of people have come and gone.

Both leads are huge Broadway stars and play off each other very well, and are very professional.

Age is just a number. Jones is 84 and Tyson is 90, but you would never know. Both seem so young and youthful making the show what it is.

Go see these two cuties battle it out in The Gin Game, you won’t regret it.

Things to keep in mind if you see The Gin Game:

  • Nice theater, small seats
  • The ladies restrooms were very clean and the lines moved very slowly
  • Really entertaining!

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