Taylor Iman Jones is currently living her dream. Two months after arriving in NYC, she made her Broadway debut in the ensemble of Groundhog Day. Now barely two years later she takes center stage as Mopsa in the new musical, Head Over Heels. It’s evident that Taylor has a bright future on Broadway and we can’t wait to see her star rise even higher.

What is Head Over Heels about?
Head Over Heels is a story about the royal town of Arcadia. An oracle comes and delivers prophecies that will destroy their town if they all come true, so they are trying to avoid that with love and confusion and identity along the way.

Why do you think this show is so relevant right now?
It’s perfectly relevant right now, because the entire nation and us as a society are coming into new identities and discovering who we are. That is what the show is about for anyone and everyone in the world, and we have more representation in our show than most shows do on Broadway or on TV or film.

Do you have a favorite moment in the show?
Yes. One of my favorite moments is definitely the opening number. We are all on stage, it’s super high energy. We are all dancing the same choreography, which is really fun, and it just is a great way to start our show.

What’s it like to go from the ensemble of Groundhog Day to be a lead role in this show?
It’s fun. I learned a lot being in the ensemble of Groundhog Day and especially being on Broadway for the first time – what it takes to do eight shows a week, how to take care of yourself. Now being the lead, at times there are different pressures. There is just a little bit more pressure of really being on top of my voice and really being on top of the lyrics and blocking and being there for my partners. It’s all been a giant learning experience, but so fun now.

You were very fortunate that you landed a role just two months after you got to New York City. What’s the most surprising thing that you learned about being on Broadway?
How much of it there is! I am from California, so when you don’t live here, Broadway seems like it’s very small and there are a limited number of jobs available. I think the more you do it, the more you realize there are plenty of jobs to go around and it’s possible to make a sustainable career on Broadway.

What is your favorite thing about getting to live and work in New York City?
I love it. I always dreamt of living here, so for me it’s literally dreams come true. It’s crazy to work in Times Square. I hate it because of all the people, but I love it because it’s Times Square. it’s cool to watch movies and TV and say “I live there, it’s