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An Open Letter To The Tony Awards, Deaf Talent Is Here

With the conclusion of the Grammys and the Oscars, it is time to gear up for the Tony Awards. I do not envy the job ahead for the Tony voters. The 2015-2016 season is my first season to have the honor of experiencing Broadway myself. From my own personal experience as well as the multitude of articles i have read and the many people I have talked to, this season was a very special one indeed.

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My Awakening

Warning: Explicit Contents Below

I am a relatively conservative person. Even though I am very active with Broadway shows, my tastes tend to veer more towards the innocent rather than the vulgar. Most of my friends and family know this, which is why when I went crazy over Spring Awakening most of them were more than a little surprised.

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Q&A with Alex Boniello

Alex Boniello is making his Broadway debut in Spring Awakening. He is the soulful and powerful voice of Moritz and also plays guitar with the band.

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