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Exciting things are coming next year: Broadway is getting into the convention game for the first time ever with a Broadway-con! At the convention, like

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Sitting Pretty

When going to see a Broadway show, an important thing to consider is where you’re going to sit. Some people like sitting in orchestra so

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Don’t Stop Believin

Guest post by Becca Easily the most fun show on Broadway, Rock of Ages is a jukebox musical that combines classic rock from the 1980s with a

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Seeing Double

I like to see Broadway shows multiple times. For some reason people don’t get it. Well, I like to see shows more than once so

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Audience Rewards

There’s a plus to ordering tickets in advance and it’s called the Audience Rewards Loyalty Program. For every dollar you spend you get two points.

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Extra! Extra!

Newsies will give away 100 free tickets to Sunday’s FINAL performance. They are doing this for the “Fansies”, to thank them for all the support and love they have shown

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