Bottoms Up! Get Eggcited for Something Rotten

Written by Hannah, Sheera, and Serena

To see or not to see Something Rotten is not the question. Broadway’s new comedy musical will make you laugh so hard, you’ll bruise your ribs. You will never be able to look at an omelette again without cracking up.

Top 10 Reasons why this show is a winner:

  1. The constant Shakespeare puns and references are flawlessly integrated into the witty dialogue. With a smirk on your face, you’ll find yourself recognizing all those quotes you had to memorize back in the day. There are also numerous pokes at other Broadway shows, so theater fans will get a thrill each time they catch a reference.
  2. The cast is superb. Each actor is perfectly suited to their role. From Christian Borle who portrays Shakespeare as a sassy, rockstar bard, to Brian d’Arcy James who plays Nick Bottom, a playwright who is longing to discover an original idea that will wow the world, to Kate Reinders as Portia the Puritan, who is reminiscent of a young Kristin Chenoweth, each actor truly gives it their all.
  3. Something Rotten is filled with standout performances and excellent characterization. The writers (Karey Kirkpatrick & John O’Farrell) have created a cast of rich & diverse characters that are easy to relate to. John Cariani as Nigel Bottom does a great job of delivering hilarious one-liners, but also shows vulnerability when he is serious and emotional.
  4. It’s an ORIGINAL musical by brothers Karey & Wayne Kirkpatrick. While most current musicals are based off of movies, existing stories or revivals, Something Rotten was written from scratch. It means that you can approach it blindly with no expectations and then be blown away with an amazing spectacle.
  5. The ensemble has so much energy, you cannot help feeling energized. The actors are constantly moving and dancing with no hint of slowing down. It’s as if they all swallowed jumping beans. Their endurance and stamina is actually mind blowing.
  6. Something Rotten is a show that has enormous group numbers choreographed & directed by Casey Nicholaw, but it is also filled with small intimate moments, and neither one detracts from the other. There is a nice balance established.
  7. The costumes, designed by Gregg Barnes, are spectacular and jaw-droppingly extravagant. The cast members seamlessly transition from quick change to quick change and everyone is always ready on cue. The modern take on renaissance clothing (think Shakespeare in punk rock leather & pantaloons) is a real treat for your eyes.
  8. The show delves into important messages including the struggles of providing for one’s family. Heidi Blickenstaff who plays Nick’s wife, Bea, uses some untraditional methods to prove that women can be equal providers. Although Something Rotten is set in the 1590’s, the themes are still relevant and address current issues.
  9. Eight times a week, there is a well-deserved standing ovation in the middle of Act 1. Not to ruin the surprise, but this brilliant song WILL have you up on your feet. It will definitely be on your list of “ultimate favorite songs/scenes in musicals”.
  10.  This musical is one of the funniest pieces you will ever see onstage. The dialogue is genius and the jokes cause the audience to burst into cackling laughter. You’ll be in stitches the whole time.

This is simply a list of 10, but there are many more reasons why Something Rotten is this season’s must-see musical. Buy your tickets, see the show, and forever live with the epic memories in your heart. You’ll thank us later.

Here’s what you should keep in mind if you decide to see Something Rotten:

  • Full bar, but insanely long lines
  • Bathroom lines can also get pretty long, but the ladies room which is located in the basement is pretty large so it moves quickly.
  • Very narrow seats; there is not much leg or elbow room.
  • There is a lottery option online, and you can enter at any time from morning up until 4 hours before the show starts. They let you know if you won 3 to 4 hours before the show.


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