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When going to see a Broadway show, an important thing to consider is where you’re going to sit. Some people like sitting in orchestra so they can see the actors’ faces. Others like the mezzanine because they feel they get a better view of the stage in its entirety. In my opinion, it depends on the show. When it comes to paying money, I think it’s the view that counts!

If it is a show that is heavily dance-oriented, I think sitting in the mezzanine is better – you get a complete view of all the dance numbers. In a play however, it’s usually the detailing that stands out so sitting in the orchestra is more suited to the view. A lot also depends on the theater itself. Sometimes the mezzanine hangs so close over the orchestra (meaning hanging above row F in the orchestra) that you feel really close to the stage even when you’re sitting in the “mezz.” In those theaters I always sit in the mezzanine. Especially when you take into account an overhanging mezzanine can lead to partial view seats in the orchestra!

Also, when picking your seats, try to make sure they are as centered as possible. It’s not always possible to get direct center, so just try to get as close as you can. When I saw “If/Then for instance, I did not have center seats (they were slightly off center) and I was in the mezzanine, but I really did have a good view and thus I considered them awesome seats.

Also, when picking a seat I like to sit at the end of the row so at intermission I can run straight to the restroom and not wait on line. Sometimes the lines can be really long and I very much dislike waiting. When I’m in the middle, like center of the row, center, I wait until they flicker the lights near the end of intermission or give the 5 minutes announcement so I again don’t have to wait on line. By then no one is usually in the restroom anymore. In the latter case I always get back to my seat in time!

Another thing to consider is using the seating chart on I recommend only buying tickets from a seller who discloses the seat number and not just the section. You never want to pay full price for a partial view. The site itself won’t warn you or give extra information about the tickets sold by any seller, so if you do have questions always feel free to ask. Remember, they’re trying to make the sale to you!

Wherever your ticket takes you, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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