Seeing Double

I like to see Broadway shows multiple times. For some reason people don’t get it.

Well, I like to see shows more than once so that I can get a better feel for the show. The more times I see a show the more I notice about the show – especially the little things, and that can make the show better every time. I’ve been told so many times that I am wasting money by seeing shows more then once and I completely disagree! Each time I see a show I see something that I hadn’t noticed before, something new or even something different. Sometimes I can’t even put my finger on it, but I know it is there and has made my experience richer and worth it.

Believe me, it gets better when you notice the ensemble members performing in the background. It gets better when you get to pay attention to other aspects of a show that you usually don’t notice the first time around. It allows you time to look at the stage and the settings, and you can really appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into making a show a Broadway show.

Sometimes you really have to see a show twice to really enjoy the big picture and the whole story. The first time I saw If/Then I didn’t like how I felt. It was as if I concentrate so hard to keep track when Idina was Liz or Beth that I didn’t have a chance to really enjoy the experience. But the second time because I’d seen it previously, I was able to follow along much easier and I enjoyed it a lot more.

Some people watch movies more than once and a lot of people read books more than once for the same reason. It’s a different story each time and many times just as exciting. How many times can I say I’ve watched the same episode of the Friends when it’s on the television?

So go see a show you loved again, and maybe have a second look at a show you may not have liked. The results may surprise you!

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