img_0174It was so great to catch up with Sean again and find out what he’s been up to since our last interview. We spoke about his upcoming show at Feinstein’s/54 Below on December 5th and his new role on ABC’s The Real O’Neals.

Joy: Are you excited for your show at Feinstein’s/54 Below?
I am. I am a little nervous honestly.

J: How did you get the people who are performing with you on board? What songs are you singing with them?
I would like to tease, because I want it to be a surprise. The people are my friends and Kimiko [Glenn] is my girlfriend – Her I was like begging, “hey, please do this. I am nervous, it will make me less nervous to sing songs with [other] people.” She and I are singing a country song. That’s all I will say.

Alex Wyse and I are singing a musical theater song. Not Spring Awakening, but there will be a Spring Awakening song. Duncan Sheik was supposed to be there but he is out of town so that’s a bummer.

J: Austin is singing?
Yes. Austin and I are singing a Frank Ocean song, like a pop song because Austin is so weird. I knew he wouldn’t do it unless I asked him to sing a trendy song– did you see the trailer for his movie show?

J: Yes. It looks great. Are you allowed to say what you were doing L.A.?
Yes. I was filming a TV show called The Real O’Neals which is on ABC. It’s a sitcom and it’s about an Irish Catholic family in which the mom is big into the church and her youngest son is gay, and so that’s the main deal of the show.

J: Who do you play?
I am playing a gay role for the first time which is interesting, but that actor – Noah Galvin is his name – is gay and it was cool to work on it with him and he was awesome. He is also a New York kid. He has done a bunch of Off Broadway plays and stuff. He is awesome, so that was really fun. I was doing six episodes of The Real O’Neals so that’s going to start coming out next month.

J: Scream is coming back for a third season – are you in it?
I don’t know if I am in. I got killed at the end.

J: No, it wasn’t clear if you were killed or not.
Right. There was no funeral, no body, so we don’t know. Maybe.

Sean GrandilloJ: Do you want to go back?
I would love to, but I truly do not know. They haven’t asked me or anything.

J : You have a lot of fans from that show. It’s nice to know you have people who care that much about you and want to know everything about you.
I know. It happened very quickly for me. Especially Spring Awakening, I was the farthest thing from the lead you could be and I loved doing it, but it just
wasn’t like I saw myself having fans of me that quickly so it’s kind of weird.