Tyler Mount is the creator of one of the funniest and most entertaining Broadway vlogs. A vlog is the video version of a blog (online journal) and primarily hosted on websites such as YouTube. Tyler’s vlogs include: Broadway favorites, dance breaks, Broadway games, and lots of laughs.

What made you decide to do the Tyler Mount Vlog?

You know, it actually — it was like a complete accident. I just started doing a video blog, a vlog per se on YouTube with my friend who was moving to the city. We just recorded an episode with a really, really bad camera, no lighting, and we weren’t even going to edit it, but then I said “oh, let’s edit it” and then we watched it and we were like “oh, we think we are kind of funny but no one else will.” [We originally weren’t] going to upload it to YouTube, but my friend Yasmin was like…”I think we should”….so, we did. 

Overnight it got 500 views and [then we had to try] another episode — I… started [out] doing episodes with just my friends, but then I was working on On Your Feet, Gloria Estefan‘s Broadway show and Gloria saw one of my episodes and [asked] “Can I come on it?” and I was like, “of course!” So, she came on the show and then it kind of just turned into that, accidentally. Gloria came on and we got brand-new equipment, we got brand-new lighting, and ever since then it’s only been Broadway people and it’s turned into the Broadway vlog that everyone knows. 

What are your top five episodes that you have done?

Oh, top five episodes? Okay. I have to say that Gloria was definitely a top pick. Obviously, because she is outrageously famous but also I had so much fun with her. We drank wine and she was over here for like two and a half hours and we just had a great time. I absolutely loved filming with Lesli Margherita because she is out of control and hysterical. I like just being able to relax with my guests and I loved Lesli. I would definitely say probably Alex Brightman from School Of Rock. He was so awesome. He was probably the best sport I ever met. He was like whatever it is, I will do it.

He is awesome. I agree with that.  

Oh, yes. I love Alex. Probably Laura Osnes because again we did a really silly game with, dental appliances in our mouth and we could not stop laughing. It was just hysterical. And probably — oh, my gosh, there are so many episodes that I have done that I just love. Probably, Andrew Keenan-Bolger. I probably would say Andrew Keenan-Bolger because he is [a] Broadway friend and we had a great time. It was so great.

What was the first game you played, and how do you choose the games that you play on your vlog?

I — to be very honest, I, try to cater my games to my guests. That’s, like, the hardest part about producing my show. I have a great team who help me, but, designing a game is hardest because we don’t like repeating. So, first we try to think about who it is and you know, for example with Adam Jacobs, we did a take on “A Whole New World” and we did geography trivia. You know, with the Skivvies, who are a popular musical theater variety act who I absolutely love. They are always in their underwear so we did egg roulette in [our] underwear. I try to cater to the actual guests that I have and try to put a spin on why they are here. However, like, a lot of them, to be honest, are really just 100 percent stolen.  Like, really popular YouTube challenge games I will do with my guests because, everyone loves No List Challenge, but  seeing Laura Osnes do it, it’s just…completely outrageous. So, half of them are stolen and half of them are specifically catered to the person we are playing with.

That’s so cool.  They also look like a lot of fun.  


What was your favorite game that you played with a guest?

My favorite game of all time was honestly probably — oh, God, the — probably the Twerk Olympics with Alex Brightman. Literally, put a pedometer on our bodies and tried to twerk as fast as we could. And like I said, Alex was the best sport and he was so fun to have on the show because he is just like whatever you want me to do, I will do it. So yes, I loved doing that. I loved, also, doing the “No Hands Challenge” with Kara Lindsay. That was tons of fun too because we just laughed and had a great time.

How did you get involved in theater?

How did I get involved in theater? I can’t even — like I don’t even know if I have an answer for that. It’s just been part of my life for so long. Like my first play was literally King Midas in first grade. I starred as King Midas because I am a star. And it was God knows thrilling