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I got to talk with Theo Stockman, aka Tim Price of American Psycho! We discussed his character, his patriotism, his inspiration, and more. Theo is extraordinarily talented and articulate, and I hope he comes back to Broadway quickly after American Psycho closes on June 5th.

Congratulations on being a part of this great show! What about the role made you take it? You haven’t been on Broadway in a while.

Photo: Jeremy Daniel
Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Thanks! It had been a while since I had truly been attracted to a musical since American Idiot–also a while since I was the right fit for one. I was also busy focusing on film, TV, and straight theatre. But Psycho came along and I remember thinking, “ooh, I would see THAT.” So there you have it. Also, getting on Broadway is actually really hard.

How old were you when you saw your first show and which show did you see?

I saw The Nutcracker when I was 3 years old (really), and from that moment, I knew I was destined to be a ballet dancer.

How was it adjusting to the new techno style of music?

I grew up loving 80s New Wave, so singing and dancing to this style of music came much more naturally to me than adapting to traditional musical theatre. I could dance to New Order every night.

How does American Psycho compare to other shows you have been in?

The style of the piece is the most specific of any show I’ve done — it also has the longest book scenes, which I so enjoy. Also people die and there’s a chainsaw.

What does your character in American Psycho means to you?

Tim is a ton of fun to play because he’s a total hedonist — his focus is the nightlife and excess that his social status affords him. His proclivity towards not giving a shit is probably why he and Patrick are so close. I wish I could give as little of a shit as Tim Price. I’ll miss him.

What’s your current favorite show that’s on Broadway now?

American Psycho, DUH.

Do you like being in a show that has American in the title or is that just a coincidence?

It’s on purpose, I’m a true patriot and I’ll accept no other kind of work.  Jk, it’s a coincidence.

You have lots of costumes — which one is your favorite?

Definitely the skintight bodysuit during “I Am Back.”

The show has so many great musical numbers — which one do you like to perform most?

american-psycho-broadway-benjamin-walker-theo-stockmanI gotta say I love “Killing Time”— the transition into the bathroom stall from Krystina Alabado‘s slaying of “True Faith” is so exhilarating. And having that vocal exchange with Ben Walker is the first time that the show really dips into the theatrical form of a “musical” — two characters so overcome that they have to sing to each other. Maybe it’s the cocaine that inspires them, but I really enjoy that moment between the characters.

What’s your favorite part that you are not in?

“In The Air Tonight” Stuns me every time.

You have the funniest one liners — which one your favorite?

Ah, so hard to choose. I gotta say I really like demurely asking Patrick to suck Paul Owen’s dick. Such a charming little moment.

Now that AP is closing, what are you going to miss most?

The people. Cast, crew, fans.

How would you describe your Broadway career on one sentence?

“Find center and jump around.”

Who inspired you the most on your career journey?

Philip Seymour Hoffman. Quality projects and the level of personal work always came first before looks, artifice, or agenda for him. He always told the utmost truth and I aspire to be like that. It’s the biggest crime that he’s gone.

If you had to pick a different profession, what would it be?


Most played songs on your iPhone/mp3 player? Your go-to Karaoke song?

Most played on my phone lately is probably either “Yes I’m Changing” by Tame Impala or “Pure Blue” by Splashh (killer Australian band, check ‘em). I’m also a vinyl freak and lately it’s either been Frankie Cosmos’ new album or The Carpenters. The Carpenters will mellow you out, trust.

Karaoke song is “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, in Stevie Nicks’ key. But I gotta be pretty drunk for that one.

How do you think social media has changed the music/entertainment industry, and what¹s your approach to dealing with it?

theo-stockmanLast time I was on Broadway, I didn’t have a Twitter account. It’s a pretty incredible way to know how people are responding to the show/your work, and connect with fans and even other actors. I imagine it can easily turn ugly but it’s been nothing but sweet and encouraging with Psycho. The people that get the show REALLY get it, bless ’em. My approach? I try not to be too actor-y and only talk about the show, so I’ll spew charming anecdotes about my anger at slow moving pedestrians.

What was one of his favorite songs to perform in American Idiot?

Oh man. I loved Holiday. Raging on that bus with the other Idiots was always a treat. Plus I got to say “Sieg Heil” every day, and who doesn’t love THAT?

What is your motto for life? Do you have your own “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King?

“Try to go to bed before 2 AM and don’t forget to moisturize.”

Would you rather always have to sing rather than talk, or always have to dance rather than walk?

Dance rather than walk cuz I would constantly burn calories and also look fabulous always.

Favorite Cast Album: Original Hedwig

All-time favorite show: Gotta be HAIR. Even if I was never in it.

Favorite thing about NYC: Food, drinks, energy

Favorite Dance Move: Um….it’s called the “Pussy Pop.” The cast will tell you about it.

Best Day Off Activity: Mimosas

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food: Chinese. In my face.

Hidden Quirky Talent: Eating Chinese food.

Favorite Website: www.lightintheheart.com

Favorite book: “A Death In The Family” by James Agee, or anything involving Calvin & Hobbes.

Catch Theo in American Psycho before it closes on June 5th!

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