Q&A with Cate Elefante

Some people dream of making it on Broadway all their life. For Cate Elefante, that dream has already come true. The adorable 5 year old is melting hearts some night as Lulu in Waitress the Musical.

When did you know you wanted to be an actress?
I have been singing for as long as I can remember and my mom says that I was born with the drama in me.

Did you see the Waitress movie or know the story beforehand?
No, Waitress the movie and the musical are not really appropriate for kids. I still haven’t seen most scenes from our show!

What was it like being on Broadway?
So cool and fun. Everyone in the company has been so welcoming and wonderful. I really feel part of the Waitress family.

What’s it like sharing the part of Lulu?
It’s great! I LOVE Ella, the other little Lulu. We don’t get to see each other often but when we do, it’s like we are instant best friends.

Do you have a favorite part that you get to watch/listen when your not on stage?
Well I get to the theater right before intermission since I’m not on until the end of the show. I love when Chris (Fitzgerald) sings “Never Getting Rid of Me” which is usually when I start getting into my mic and costume. I also love any time Jessie (Mueller) sings. She’s so good!!!

What do you do when you aren’t on stage?
Play with the kitchen set in my dressing room, write and read books, do homework, play balloon volleyball with my mom, watch my iPad

Waitress has a great cast– what is the best part about working with them?
They always ask me about my day. What I did in school that day, whether or not I’m going to my Gigi and Papa’s house for dinner between shows, etc. They care about me and I get to learn how to be a great performer by watching them.

If you could be in a different show on Broadway or off Broadway which would you pick ?
Well it’s hard to say because there are no other shows that have a 5 year old in them that are currently on Bway! I love Matilda and would love to be in that when I get a little bit older.

What is your dream role?
Either Elphaba or Galinda in Wicked when I’m grown up.

How do you balance school and being in a show?
Because my call time is at intermission, I hardly have to miss any school. On show days, I come home from kindergarten and take a 2 hour nap. Then I eat dinner and head into the city. My mom brushes my teeth during Act II, I change into my pjs when I get out of costume and I sleep on the car ride home. Then I get up at 6:30am for school the next morning!!

What was the first Broadway show you saw?
Aladdin. It was amazing!! Then I saw Lion King, Matilda and Wicked.

Who inspired you?
My mom and dad are professional performers/musicians. They have been playing great music for me and my mom has been singing to me since I was in her belly. My mom was in the business since she was my age. I guess it was in my DNA!

Why do you want people to see Waitress?
Because it is a beautiful show with an amazing cast. And you get to see me do my “crazy legs” dance!

Favorite pie?
Pumpkin pie

What is the best day-off activity?
Cooking or baking with my mom, going to my cousins’ houses and playing, or staying in pjs and watching movies under the blanket on the couch!
Guilty pleasure food
Guilty? I have no guilt… I’m 5. My favorite foods are spaghetti and meatballs, shrimp, pizza and vanilla ice cream!!

Hidden quirky talent
Accents and dialects

Favorite website
There are these 2 ladies, Ro and Mo, and they do food challenges like the Pizza Challenge and the Smoothie Challenge. They are soooooo funny!!

All time favorite show
Wicked or Hairspray

Favorite thing about NYC
Times Square, the M&M store, the Empire State Building, the American Girl store and all the Broadway musicals!!!

Favorite movie
It changes all the time but right now it’s Alice in Wonderland (the old, Disney animated version)

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