Prince Ali has finally arrived on Broadway in the smash hit Aladdin. Based on the 1992 Disney movie of the same name, Aladdin follows a boy on his life’s journey from being a street rat of Agrabah to becoming the Prince of Arabia. Aladdin is granted three wishes from the Genie and his life is changed for the better.  Join him on a magic carpet ride as the classic Arabian tale begins anew.

I am a huge fan of the movie. I always loved Genie and all the magic that he did for Aladdin. When my brother heard it was coming to Broadway, he got us tickets to see the show for my birthday; I’m so happy that he did! I couldn’t wait to see it performed live.

Aladdin opened on Broadway on March 20, 2014. It won the Tony award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical thanks to the fabulous and extraordinary performance of Genie by James Monroe Iglehart. Robin Williams immortalized Genie in the Disney film and would be proud of Iglehart’s performance. It is too bad he never got to see the show. Adam Jacobs plays a perfect Aladdin; he looks and acts so much like the Aladdin from the movie. And don’t miss Jonathan Freeman! He was the voice of Jafar in the Disney film, and now gets the chance to play the same role of stage!

The actual performance is a mixture of spectacle and magic. How Genie does all that magic, I will never know. The show is full of audio and visual delights and includes both original songs and old favorites from the movie. You will truly enjoy every second. Just like in t