Last week I got to attend the “Broadway Sings for Pride 6th annual Celebrity Gay Pride Charity Concert. It had so many great performers. Meg and I had a chance to chat with a few of them, which was awesome and gave us a greater appreciation of the event.

IMG_7256We first spoke with Trevor Braun. He told us, “Pride is about having and loving who you are and showing that to others, and hopefully then sharing in that love and just celebrating diversity.” He also told us that every year he goes to the Pride parade and it’s amazing to see how everyone comes together in this mutual celebration of love for each other. It’s so simple, but it’s the most important thing that everyone needs to learn in life and throughout the world — just loving each other and loving yourself. People don’t have enough love in the world. It’s nice seeing the whole Broadway community coming together at a time like this, so soon after the Orlando massacre. It’s such a tight-knit community and it’s so supportive; that’s the great thing about the Broadway community — they are really willing to stick behind each other and do whatever they need to do to help out. Trevor performed “Wig In A Box” from Hedwig And The Angry Inch. It was amazing; I wish I’d videoed it.

I asked Enisa, a singer/songwriter: “What does Pride mean to you?” “Pride is just about being confident in yourself and who you are and other people and just accepting everybody and loving everybody for who they are,” she replied.  Her agent from Wilhelmina told her about Broadway Sings For Pride, and said they wanted to have her perform. She was so excited. It was one of her first performances as an artist. She started off doing covers on 217e8047-ccf9-4465-8c7b-c420260fdc39YouTube and will be releasing her first single in the next few weeks — everything is all exciting and new for her. This was going to be her first performance of one of her as-yet-unreleased songs.  She is still doing covers on YouTube, but she admitted the new, original material brings its own level of excitement.

Her two top videos are Take Me To Church and Titanium. She didn’t wind up singing her new song in the end, just her cover of Take Me To Church, but her voice is incredible. I asked Enisa if she would ever want to come to Broadway. “It’s really funny, because in high school I did a lot of musical theater and we did all those type of performances like The Wiz, The Music Man — and I was always a part of that, but I am going to stick to pop music for now and we are going to see how that goes, but you know, I never say no to anything.” I hope she makes it soon. Fingers crossed!

Then I got to talk to AJ Shively, who was in Bright Star. I asked him what Pride means to him. “Pride is reinventing yourself and your answers to these questions. No, I have been saying Pride is courage. Pride is freedom. It’s expressing yourself fully. Pride is not apologizing for who you are and what you like to do.”

On a less serious note, I asked a few of my standard Broadway interview questions.