Project Description


Taylor / Fairfield County, CT

  • This year at BroadwayCon, I am most looking forward to meeting fans and faces of the theatre community. I am overjoyed to experience the atmosphere of BroadwayCon, especially since this will be my first year attending!
  • I am most looking forward to meeting Ben Fankhauser, since Newsies is one of my favorite musicals!
  • Although this is my first year attending BroadwayCon, the advice I would give is to HAVE FUN! BroadwayCon is a place for musical theatre nerds and performers to get together and have an amazing time. Make your experience an unforgettable memory that you can look back on and smile! 🙂
  • My favorite Broadway show is Finding Neverland, because it is the first show I saw, and seeing this show provided me with my first memory of the true magic of theatre. That was the day I said, “this is where I belong”. My favorite show currently on Broadway is Dear Evan Hansen, because of its beautifully written and composed story, and inspirational message.
  • I hope that everyone has a wonderful, unforgettable time at BroadwayCon. It is “time to seize the day” and “be found” because this event is truly “something incredible”!
  • Find me on Twitter @taylorhansenn