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Jennifer aka MagicCatJenny / Maryland

  • I attended BroadwayCon 2016 and BroadwayCon 2017
  • I loved meeting Andy Blankenbuehler last year (choreographer of Hamilton and the Cats revival) dressed as my original character: MEOWexander Hamilton. He loved it!
  • I will probably end up cosplaying Jemima (Cats) and MEOWexander again, my 2016 and 2017 cosplays.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing all the friends I’ve made these past two years and all the amazing cosplay everyone creates.
  • I’m hoping to run into Tyler Hanes. (RTT in Cats)
  • Tips for other attendees: There is so much going on so don’t feel like you have to do and see everything. Also, don’t be afraid to be weird. I’m normally shy and an introvert, but I get so charged at BroadwayCon. When I’m in cosplay, I feel like a different person. So let yourself get a bit out of your comfort zone, it’s honestly so much fun.
  • My favorite Broadway show is Cats
  • When I was 14, I directed, produced, and performed in my own amateur (and completely unofficial) production of Cats. That was 17 years ago. Since then the amount of fanwork I’ve made for that musical is astounding. (Fan art, fan fiction, websites, RPG games, costumes, etc.) It’s my favorite show and BroadwayCon has allowed me an in-person platform to express it. I’m a Jellicle, now and forever. That being said, I express my love for many other (and very different) fandoms in all my online homes. And beyond that, I write and create my own original stories and worlds. If you see me at BroadwayCon or online, come say hi, I’d love to meet you!
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