Project Description


Kacie / Totowa, NJ

  • I attended BroadwayCon 2017
  • The craziest/best thing I’ve seen at a previous BroadwayCon: Ooh… let’s see… there was a wild Dave Malloy signing CDs and I didn’t notice until I saw a sign and had zero money haha
  • I will have three cosplay costumes!
    -Friday after 3ish (I might have a dance workshop), I will be reprising Etcetera from CATS from last year’s con
    -Saturday all day will be Helene Bezukhova from Natasha, Pierre
    -And Sunday will be Victoria the White Cat from CATS!
  • I am most looking forward to: Getting to walk around and experience a whole lot more programming and panels than I did last year since I had the opportunity to sit and work a table last year!
  • I want to meet: Ooh… I’d say Lesli [Margherita] but we run into each other a lot, so I’d have to say anyone from Great Comet if they’re floating around!
  • Tips for other attendees: Rechargeable battery. It will be your best friend. Also, snacks and comfortable shoes as you’ll be on your feet all day. Other than that, have fun and remember that these stars are humans too so don’t overcrowd them and that they’re there enjoying the convention as well!
  • My favorite Broadway show is: Tie between CATS and Great Comet. Both closed, sadly.
  • Just a FYI, if anyone takes pics with me on the floor, ask my handles and tag me in them or send me them! I love having pictures with people!
  • Find me online: All of my handles are @kaciebroadfield ! Instagram and Twitter! I’m also a student at IAMT so I’m on their Instagram every once and a while as well! Theirs is @iamusicaltheatre