Project Description


Julie Dennehy / Medway, Mass.

  • I was at BroadwayCon 2016 and BroadwayCon 2017
  • Craziest/best thing at a previous Con…Oh my gosh… as a volunteer both years, I’ve seen lots of awesome things, crazy things and amazing experiences. I think the meet and greets are so wonderful because although short, people share the most meaningful ways the artist has impacted their life. There will never be an experience like BlizzardCon… lots of bonding, sharing, helping each other out in ways that the Javits can’t foster, but the event continues to get better and better each year.
  • I love the panels and performances – hearing first-hand from a wide variety of industry pros live and in person. SO exciting!
  • I want to meet…┬áCan’t choose just one… whomever I get to meet, I’m grateful!
  • Tips for other attendees: My gosh… drink water (bring water, light snacks) to keep you fueled and so you don’t have leave for one minute! Book your show tickets for Thursday or Friday night. Don’t be afraid to talk to fans and any guests who have some down time to chat… I had a great convo with Ann Harada that I will not forget just in front of the escalator. Collect ribbons, meet people, just come out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to talk to the person next to you.
  • My favorite Broadway show is Rent
  • Find me online: Julie Dennehy, View from the Mezzanine on Facebook, and on Twitter and Instagram: @viewfromthemezz