Project Description


Jackie Leibowitz / Cedar Grove, NJ

  • I was at BroadwayCon 2016 and BroadwayCon 2017
  • Craziest/best thing at a previous Con was when I got to sing on the mainstage during Blizzard karaoke in 2016!
  • I plan on cosplaying, but I actually don’t have it planned yet! I’m figuring out Halloween first, then BroadwayCon ?
  • I just love being in the room with all these people who are exactly like me. My friends think my obsession with Broadway can be a bit much sometimes, but when I’m at BroadwayCon…it feels like home.
  • I want to meet Aaron Tveit and/or Darren Criss. ONE DAY IT’LL HAPPEN!
  • Tips for other attendees: Pace yourself through the weekend! There’s a lot of events, but make sure you plan time to eat! Pack something you can nibble on in an autograph line or during a mainstage because it’s really hard to find time to step back from the programming and get food.
    Also…travel with a buddy! Everything’s more fun with a friend. And if you’re going alone, make a friend to explore with! It’s nice when you can share it all.
  • My favorite Broadway show is RENT, forever and always ❤
  • I’m also an avid Lightcatcher, so I’m always up for trading during BroadwayCon!
  • Find me online: @BroadwayDork23 on twitter, tumblr, and youtube  •  @jackieleibz on Instagram  •  Website coming soon!