Project Description


Hailee aka Hail / Secaucus

  • I was at BroadwayCon 2016 and BroadwayCon 2017
  • Best thing at a previous BroadwayCon? Meeting Joel Grey during the autograph session was a pretty big deal for me. He is a legend to my eyes and he was always on the top of the list of theatre people I would have loved to meet in my lifetime. Also meeting Sierra Boggess and having a conversation with her about Disney Princesses.
  • I’m doing a Princess themed weekend for BroadwayCon. I’m definitely cosplaying as Ariel and Belle and I do have one more princess that I’m hoping to cosplay but it is a bit of a secret 😉
  • I’m looking forwards to meeting new people, getting certain people’s autographs or photos, doing the sing-a-longs again
  • I want to meet Jonathan Groff
  •  Tips for fellow BroadwayCon attendees: It’s okay to go alone and it’s okay to go in a group. Go up to the cosplayers who look incredible and compliment them if you could. Bring snacks and water. Don’t carry too much stuff even though you’ll spend a lot more money on merch or bringing costumes with you everywhere (coat check, though you have to pay for it, is your friend).
  • My favorite Broadway show is American Idiot
  • Find me online: Tumblr is  •  Instagram and Twitter are @HaileeLongo