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Durell Griffin / Philadelphia

  • I attended BroadwayCon in 2016 and 2017
  • Craziest/best thing at a previous BroadwayCon… the impromptu Krista Rodriguez concert, and the impromptu BroadwayCon party line both happened during the 1st con a.k.a. “BlizzardCon.” They were both incredibly awesome and the party line has now become a staple. The 1st BroadwayCon Star to Be last year, was really awesome and a great idea. Also little Iain Artimage tap dancing his way through Broadwaycon 2017 was adorable.
  • I’m looking forward to the usual suspects: Opening Ceremony, Star to Be, BroadwayCon First Look, and the party line. Also looking forward to doing some ribbon trading, maybe a sing-a-long or two, and meeting new friends.
  • I want to meet Brian Stokes Mitchell (even though I know he won’t be there)
  •  Tips for fellow BroadwayCon attendees: Wear comfortable shoes, bring lots of water and granola bars (everyday will be full of activities so unless you don’t mind missing things there won’t be any time to stop for food), and a portable charger (there’s nothing worse than being stuck on a wall charging while things are going on)
  • My favorite Broadway show is Ragtime
  • Find me online: Facebook– Durell K. Griffin • Twitter– @durell_griffin