Project Description


Catherine & Seth / Montreal

  • I attended BroadwayCon in 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • The best thing I’ve seen at previous BroadwayCons are the cosplays becoming better and better
  • My husband and I plan on cosplaying as Mr. and Mrs. Thénardier from Les Miz
  • I am most looking forward to seeing my friends.
  • I want to meet Jamie Parker, Idina Menzel and Keala Settle.
  •  Tips for fellow BroadwayCon attendees: Bring water, reach out to people you like. Don’t hate on shows you don’t like, ya all about love.
  • My favorite Broadway show is Les Misérables
  • Find me online:
    @highkingfen (twitter)
    Cath.a.lecole.des.sorciers (fb)