Project Description


Adina / Mahwah, NJ

  • I was at BroadwayCon 2016 and BroadwayCon 2017
  • I love the crazy impromptu moments that the blizzard created in 2016. I also loved just hanging out in the marketplace in 2017, being able to chat with everyone – fellow attendees and special guests both! The Broadway community creates a feeling of acceptance and belonging, and I love how I can go up to anyone and start chatting about which shows we loved and which actors’ careers we follow and it’s an instant new friend!
  • I am most looking forward to the panels, the special guests, the fellow fans, the whole atmosphere!
  • I want to meet… Of those announced so far, I’m most excited to see Ben Fankhauser again
  • Tips for other attendees: Enjoy everything, go to panels that sound vaguely interesting, keep an eye out for Broadway people mingling in the crowd. Most importantly, take time to rest and eat. It’s okay to skip a panel if you need to eat or just sit and rest.
  • My favorite Broadway show is Newsies! Followed by Bandstand, Hair, and Fiddler.
  • Find me online: I write for Really Late Reviews, mostly about theatre. You can also find me on social media as @adinarj pretty much everywhere.