Are you a member of Play-By-Play yet? If you aren’t, you should be!

Play By Play is a great way to see Broadway and off-Broadway shows, and take part in other random events going on in the city for little money. I became a member just the other day I got to see “The greatest show on earth” (wink, wink) as a result.

Play By Play is a seat filler company that helps make sure that there is an audience for the actors who are performing. There are times when shows have difficulty selling most or all of the seats in the large theaters and venues throughout the city. Playing to “empty houses” can be hard on actors who enjoy entertaining and feel better performing in front of full crowds. Seat filler companies like Play-By-Play offer tickets to their members for FREE (the only thing you pay is a $4 processing fee).

A few things to keep in mind:

To become a seat filler and start seeing shows like a pro, join Play-by-Play today! All you need to do is fill out an application and pay the membership fee. Once you are a member of Play by Play you can see great shows for only $4 per ticket. I can’t wait to see more things with Play by Play!

Tell them that Joy Rosenthal sent you.


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