If you haven’t seen Jessie Mueller in Beautiful, the Carole King Musical yet, seriously get up and go see it! It is the best musical out there right now, if I do say so myself.

The storyline is outstanding. It shows you that life as a music writer is not just fame and glory. It tells the story of Carole King, a songwriter for the entertainment industry. Together with her husband Jake Epstein, played by Gerry Goffin, the couple competes with Barry Man and Cynthia Weil, played by Anika Larsen,to be the number one song writer and composer. I never realized how many songs are by Carole King; from One Fine Day to Beautiful to Natural Woman – most of which are still popular today!

The way the show is done is amazing! Jessie Mueller‘s portrayal of Carole King is uncanny. It is amazing the way she sings and acts just like Carole. She is so good that she won the Tony Award for Best Lead in a Musical. I was also really excited to see Jarrod Spector as Barry Mann because I saw him in Jersey Boys, not once, not twice, but three times (that’s how much I loved how he sang  ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You”)! I fell under his spell then and I knew I would go see whatever he was in next. I was definitely not disappointed. Actually, everyone in that cast is extraordinarily talented.

From the amazing songs to the super quick costume changes, you will truly enjoy every second. One of the best parts of the show is when Carole and her husband write the song, The Locomotion and give it to their children’s babysitter to sing. The way the stage is set and her split second costume changes while singing the song is remarkable. While the babysitter is watching the baby the set, scenery and everything totally changes when she sings, almost as though she was performing at a concert. She spins and her dress is completely different, back up singers come out of nowhere and really, the whole setup is very cool. The costume changes are another can’t miss part of the show. With just one spin an entire costume change takes place right before your eyes! The dresses and costumes themselves are so pretty I wish I had them hanging in my closet.

I was a bit skeptical about going to see the show because I wasn’t sure I was going to know the music from that time period, but boy was I wrong. I knew almost every song! The show had me dancing and singing in my seat. You will enjoy every second of this show, from the opening number to the climactic performance of Natural Woman! What are you waiting for? Go see it!


Book your tickets today and ask me how you can get the cheapest deal.

Here’s a list of what you should keep in mind about Beautiful should you decide you want to see it:
• Comfortable seats.
• Everyone will enjoy
• Bathrooms are very clean
• Full view from the mezzanine.
• Wonderful cast
• Jessie Muler and Jarred Spencer are fabulous
• the costume changes are pretty cool

Have you seen Beautiful? Tell me what you thought!

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