Off Broadway

What is an Off Broadway show?

An Off Broadway show is just like a regular Broadway show, with a few small differences. The actors are professionals, and the shows themselves are often great. But, in an Off Broadway show, the theaters are usually smaller the tickets are less expensive. Rock of Ages started off at an Off Broadway theater, but was doing so well it moved to Broadway. Avenue Q, which was on Broadway while is was doing well, it was doing well, later moved to an Off Broadway theater when it’s ticket sales slowed down.

There are many fantastic off Broadway shows: The Fantasticks, Bayside the Musical, Stomp, and Blue Man Group to name a few. They are cheaper than a Broadway shows. The best way to get cheap tickets is to find rush tickets, which usually begin selling 2 hours before the show starts and sell for $20 per ticket.

Fave you seen an Off Broadway show? Comment below which one and what you thought of it!

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