Newsies Fan Forever, Second to None

When the motion picture version of Newsies was released in 1992, it flopped. Years later however, the movie became a cult classic. Disney never had any plans of bringing Newsies to Broadway, or to any stage for that matter; but fans clamored and rallied and finally in September 2011, Newsies the Musical opened in the Paper Mill Play House. To the surprise of the Disney company it was a huge hit. Due to its reception at Paper Mill and the enthusiastic response of fans and audience members, Disney brought Newsies to Broadway.

Newsies started previews on March 15th 2012, and opened March 29th. At first, Newsies was scheduled for a limited run of only 101 performances. Once again the Fansies (as Newsies fans are known) and audience members banded together and the show extended its Broadway run!

Newsies has now been on Broadway for a little more than two years, but on August 24th the musical will finally end its run. Here’s why you should still go see the show.

  1. Corey Cott who plays the role of Jack Kelly is awesome. He replaced Jeremy Jordan in a role that is so convincing you’ll want to join in on the strike.
  2. Brooklyn’s Here” the new musical number, is a perfect addition to the show! Tommy Bracco, who plays Spot Conlon is terrific!
  3. The dancing is amazing, particularly the choreography in “Seize the Day” – simply incredible.
  4. Liana Hunt who replaced Kara Lindsay as Katherine, really shines in her role of helping the Newsies win the strike.
  5. Les is so funny, he has a lot of cute one liners and keeps you laughing throughout.
  6.  The singing is amazing.
  7. Crutchie is fantastic! I love when he sings “Santa Fe” with Jack.
  8.  Personally I found Newsies on Broadway to be way better than the movie.
  9. It’s magical how the boys come together to sound like one voice during the performance of  “Once and for All.” The entire theatre will be ready to rally after hearing this number!
  10.  Newsies, in addition to being an inspirational musical about kids taking matters into their own hands and striking for a better cause, is also amazing for how it has drawn so many young people to Broadway shows and essentially created the group of people known as “Fansies”. Not only have they seen the show countless times, whenever a cast member leaves the show the Fansies continue to support the ex-cast members by being first in line to see them in their new roles.

Newsies has really made an impact on Broadway, and I am truly sad to see it go. I am going to miss it.


Here’s what you should keep in mind about Newsies should you decide to see it:

  • Comfortable seats. Rush/lottery seats are partial view.
  • Great show that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Bathrooms are very clean, they located on the second floor.
  • The set is pretty cool.
  • Amazing cast of characters.
  • The leads are incredible.
  • The dancing is beyond amazing.

My Rating 8/10

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