Molly is a Bright Star!

Meet Broadway Wiz Bright Star, Molly from Washington, CT.

Molly’s favorite show is Chicago and she is a costume designer!

On average, how many Broadway shows do you see a year?
about 5

How many local shows or community theater shows do you see a year?
maybe 5 or more

Favorite Broadway show:

All-time favorite performer:
Bebe Neuwirth

Songs you like to belt in the shower:
anything from Chess!

Favorite piece of theater memorabilia you own:
Fake petals from the Off-Broadway run of Midsummer Night’s Dream at CSC

Most memorable performance you’ve ever seen:
Annapurna off-Broadway starring Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally

Best interaction you have had with another theater fan:
I’m a big fan of Sweet Charity and went to see it at Circle in the Square. An older man was sitting behind me and was talking about how he saw the original production. I totally fangirled as was like OMG really? and we chatted briefly, it was great 🙂

Why do you love theater?
I love the combination of music and drama and laughs and amazing scenery and costumes.

Dream roles?
Sally Bowles! Also Morticia Addams, Velma Kelly, Dale Tremont (Top Hat), Charity Hope Valentine…

Best stagedoor or backstage experience?
Gave Bebe Neuwirth a drawing I did of her after Midsummer, that was pretty awesome!

Favorite spots in NYC:
Sardi’s. Dylan’s Candy Bar. Serendipity.

If you could sing a duet or perform a scene with any Broadway star, who would it be?
Bernadette Peters, maybe! That would be iconic ★

Did you ever fangirl when you met an actor/performer?:
Never at the stagedoor but I recently met Deirdre Goodwin while I was interning at Broadway Dreams Foundation where she was teaching. I played June in Chicago a couple years ago at my local youth community theatre so I was like “ahhh can I get a picture with you?” She is so sweet!

Favorite thing about Broadway Wiz?
The digital lottery list! I’m poor so I gotta stay updated on how to get cheap tickets lol

What would your super power be?
Stopping time

Besides theater, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?
Fashion! I’m a costume designer so there’s a lot of crossover for me between the two.

Where can we stalk you online?
@life15juicy on Instagram. @mfarrellsavage on Twitter. for my official site/portfolio (which is a work in progress lol)

Anything else you would like to share? Funny stories, weird facts about yourself, cool talents?
One time I got a picture with Bernadette Peters at the stage door of Follies but the picture came out really blurry so after she had already walked away I asked if she would mind coming back over so I could retake it (she did and she was very nice about it!)

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