Maura is a Bright Star!

Meet Broadway Wiz Bright Star, Maura from Central, PA!

Although she’ll tell you her favorite show on Broadway right now is HamiltonAladdin holds a special place in her heart.

On average, how many Broadway or Off-Broadway shows do you see a year?

How many local shows or community theater shows do you see a year?

Favorite Broadway show:

All-time favorite performer:
Carleigh Bettiol

Songs you like to belt in the shower:
“96,000” from In The Heights, “Stick it to the Man” from School of Rock, and “Congratulations” which was a cut song from Hamilton

Favorite piece of theater memorabilia you own:
A Hamilton playbill signed by almost the whole OBC!

Most memorable performance you’ve ever seen:
Definitely Alysha Deslorieux as Angelica Schuyler. She was phenomenal.

Best interaction you have had with another theater fan:
A few months ago I met a girl named Gabby on Instagram through our mutual love of Aladdin, and now we are best friends!

Why do you love theater?
Theater has brought so much happiness, and so many wonderful and inspiring people into my life. There are so many talented performers in the industry who I look up to, and as a performer, I hope that I could be a role model for someone someday too.

Dream roles?
Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof, Eliza in Hamilton, Sylvia in Finding Neverland, or Matilda in Matilda the Musical (even though I’m way too old, I can still dream)

Best stagedoor or backstage experience?
I’ve been backstage twice at Aladdin, and just getting to stand on a Broadway stage for the first time was a moment I will never forget. And having the opportunity to see the gorgeous costumes and props up close was seriously so cool!

Favorite spots in NYC:
Schmackarys and Central Park!

If you could sing a duet or perform a scene with any Broadway star, who would it be?
I would sing a duet with any Broadway star honestly

Did you ever fangirl when you met an actor/performer?:
Oh gosh… I still freak out just a little whenever I stagedoor any show. But Aladdin was one of the first Broadway shows I saw, and it was my first time stagedooring. So when I got to meet Courtney Reed, who is truly the most beautiful princess both on and off stage, I nearly passed out. I was so starstruck but she was so kind, and now I’m a frequent visitor at the Aladdin stagedoor!

Favorite thing about Broadway Wiz?
I love reading the Q&A‘s with various performers, and I find so much helpful information on Broadway Wiz, such as which shows have lotteries, or even where the best place to sit in a theatre is!

What would your super power be?

Besides theater, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?
I love to cook, read, and travel! I also adore Carrie Underwood.

Where can we stalk you online?
You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @mauraconsedine_ 🙂

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