You’ve Gotta Be Loud!

Matilda the Musical took over the Shubert Theater in 2013 and they’ve been going strong ever since. The show is unreal.

There are currently four Matilda’s who share the title role: Tori Feinstein, Eliza Holland-Madore, Brooklyn Shuck and Fina Strazza. These young actors, all just 9 years old, are amazing. My favorite of the three I’ve seen so far is definitely Brooklyn Shuck, who is brilliant. I previously saw her in Annie the Musical (Kate) and loved her in it. She is a really good dancer and so cute, I could not take my eyes off her!

Matilda is based on the novel of the same name written by best-selling author Roald Dahl. It is the story of an extraordinary girl who wants to improve her life. The dancing in the opening number is “miraculous,” they sing and move so quickly. The rest of the show picks up the same way.

The school children are the obvious stars of the show. The acting and singing is fantastic and the dancing is amazing. These children are ridiculously talented! When they sing the song ‘revolting children’ and dance, the enthusiasm on that stage is so powerful you believe they really could take on the world.

In addition to the obvious talent of the cast, the set is something that other sets should be measured by. The letters are pretty cool and you find yourself searching for words (I found the word Joy!); it’s very whimsical and imaginative. The set design won the Tony Award for Best Scenic and Design of a Musical and Best Lighting Design of a Musical in 2013.

The magic on set is another amazing feature of this show. It is so mind blowing. The chalk looks like it is floating in the air, as if a ghost is writing with it; the cake that Bruce eats disappears … how do they do that? How. Do. They. Do. THAT.

The Wormwoods are for sure the best, worst parents on Broadway. I love the people who play them: Matt Harrington playing Mr. Wormwood (Gabriel Ebert won the Tony Award for Best-Featured Actor in a Musical for the role in 2013) and Lesli Margherita as Mrs. Wormwood.

Special shout-outs to Christopher Sieber (Miss Trunchbull), Alison Luff (Miss Honey), Clay Thomson (Michael Wormwood) and John Arthur Greene (Doctor) for their spectacular interpretations of the roles, their amazing voices and the amazing job they each did! Basically the whole cast deserves a standing ovation.

If you’re looking for a great, fun, magical show about self-empowerment and beating the system (and not just the educational system), and most importantly taking charge of your life no matter your age, Matilda is the one to see. Matilda did, so can you!

Here’s a list of what you should keep in mind about Matilda should you decide you want to see it:

  • Comfortable sets
  • Great cast
  • Large, clean bathrooms
  • Good view from all sides
  • amazing set and design

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