Cate Elefante and Ella Morgan loved playing Lulu in Waitress

Ella Morgan and Cate Elefante onstage at Waitress

Cate Elefante and Ella Morgan have been melting hearts on Broadway as Lulu in Waitress. Now they’re all grown up and leaving the show. They shared their favorite memories with us and also gave some great advice for the next Lulu.

What has your experience playing Lulu on Broadway been like?

Cate: It’s been fabulous. The coolest year of my life!

Ella: It’s been awesome! Like getting to hang out with your favorite people and tell a great story to 1000 people every night. (Or, well, 4 shows a week for me.) I’m never going to forget it!

What is the best memory on or offstage that you will take away from Waitress?

Cate: Getting to sing “Brave” with Sara [Bareilles] on stage. Also, meeting Hillary Clinton and Idina Menzel was amazing.

Ella: The best memory is when I got to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That was so much fun! Two years ago I watched the parade on TV and saw Taylor Swift sing her song “Welcome to New York”. (She’s my favorite singer!) We were getting ready to move from Texas to New York and I thought she was singing that song just for me. Two years later I got to perform in the exact same spot she had. It was just so cool!! My mommy says it was a very full circle kind of moment.

Most memorable stage door experience at Waitress?

Cate: Giving out chocolates on Easter to the fans

Ella: On my 5th birthday, Eric [Anderson] told the crowd that it was my birthday! Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me! The other time is when Sara [Bareilles] was performing as Jenna. There was a huge, loud, crazy crowd every night. The police had to be there to keep the crowd from blocking the street. My mommy says it was like a rock concert crowd outside every night.

Cate Elefante and Ella Morgan

What is your favorite part to do in the show and what’s your favorite part to watch/hear?

Cate: Crazy legs and passing around the pies. I love listening to “She Used to Be Mine” and all the scenes with the three waitresses.

Ella: My favorite part is riding out on the counter when I’m revealed. I love that! My favorite other part of the show is a tie between “Opening Up” in the very first scene and “What Baking Can Do.”

What advice would you give to the next Lulu coming to Waitress?

Cate: Have fun and take lots of naps!!!

Ella: I would say to be a good listener and have fun!

What would you love to work on next?

Cate: Well, when I grow up I want to play Glinda in Wicked, but right now I’m looking forward to 1st grade!

Ella: I would love to work on Broadway again or on a movie!

Do you have any Broadway dream roles?

Cate: Other than Glinda, maybe Matilda, Elphaba, Summer in School of Rock and Anna in Frozen!!!

Ella: I would love to play Anna or Elsa in Frozen in a few years!

Jessie Mueller, Ella Morgan, Sara Bareilles and Cate Elefante
L-R: Jessie Mueller, Ella Morgan, Sara Bareilles and Cate Elefante

What is your favorite fan gift?

Cate: All the cool pictures people have drawn of me and a Waitress coloring book someone handmade for me.

Ella: Oh, that’s hard! I got a really cool necklace with the latitude and longitude of the theater on it. I also got wooden picture to hang on the wall with photos of me with Jessie [Mueller] and Sara [Bareilles]. Oh, and and slime! I’ve loved all the mail and drawings and treats people have sent. So many people have been so nice to me!

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