Love is an Open Stage Door

Nothing caps off a night at a show better than “Stage-Dooring” after the performance. I absolutely love to “Stage-Door!” It is the next best thing to actually seeing a Broadway show!

For those who have never heard of or actually done it, To “Stage-Door” means to wait after a show next to the exit at the back or side of the theater. This exit is commonly known as the, you guessed it, the “stage door.”  The stage door is the exit used by the cast to leave the theatre after the show.

“Stage-Dooring” gives fans and others the opportunity to meet the actors who just performed on stage and can have them sign your playbill or sometimes, even take pictures with them!

Here are some important Dos to have a successful and enjoyable “Stage-Door” experience.

Do be nice to the people waiting with you, even if you don’t know them. Starting a conversation with them is a great idea – you never know who you might meet or what stories they might have to share with you. Also they become very useful when it comes to finding someone to take a picture of you and the cast members!

Do be patient. The performers need time to change out of their costumes and wash off their make up. Sometimes it can take a while.

Do be on the look out! You never know if a famous person could be backstage visiting the cast or even waiting on line with you!

Do bring your own markers or thick felt tipped pens. Sometimes the cast members don’t have markers with them and you want to be ready for them to sign your playbill.

Do be generous and let other people use them your markers, you wouldn’t want to be the one missing out, so share.

Do keep a camera ready.  It’s a great idea to see if the person next to you is willing to take the picture for you. Try to show them how to use your camera ahead of time so the actor doesn’t have to wait.

Do remember to say thank you to the performers and compliment them! They put a lot of hard work into these performances!

At the stage door for Cinderella when Cody Wilson came out, my mother wasn’t sure who he’d played and asked him; He replied, “The raccoon.” As soon as the next guy came out my mother realized she didn’t recognize him either and immediately asked him if he’d played the “wolf.” He looked a little confused and said to her, “No, I played the prince.” It was Santino Fontana….thanks mom. Also, there was no wolf.

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