Lesli Margherita Loves BroadwayCon

Lesli MargheritaWhen it comes to BroadwayCon, no one is more enthusiastic than Broadway star, Lesli Margherita. Best known for her hilarious performance as Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda the Musical, Lesli is a three-time BroadwayCon attendee and she looks forward to participating in the panels and game shows every year. We had an opportunity to chat with her about theater and why she loves BroadwayCon so much.

How is your Con going so far and what is the craziest thing you have seen so far?
Well, my Con just started. I did one panel this morning so I haven’t seen anything yet. The craziest thing I have seen though, which is the most awesome thing, is a girl dressed as Cindy Lou Who from Who’s Holiday and she looks exactly like I did.

If BroadwayCon existed when you were a kid, would you have attended?
Of course. I would have been here every day, and I would have been so excited to go. I still go to the panels now of stuff that I am into.

Would you have cosplayed?
I am not talented enough to make those amazing costumes, so no and I go to the Star Wars conventions and I don’t cosplay because I am in awe of the people that can do it really well. Mine would not be done really well, so I couldn’t do it, no.

Is there a star you are excited to meet here that you are a fan of?
I am a fan of so many, but I have been lucky enough to meet most of them. I think everybody that’s here – I am a huge Donna Murphy fan and I luckily kind of know her so that was huge and I did a panel with her this morning so I loved it so that was already huge for me. No, I don’t know. I am always surprised when I see people walking around though always.

You are participating in a lot of cool events and panels this weekend. Which one are you most excited for?
The game show tomorrow night is going to be really fun. That’s going to be amazing, and then I get to do my own kind of panel on Sunday morning. it’s just about being positive and answering questions and stuff so I am really excited about that.

Is it similar to the show that you did, Rule Your Kingdom?
No. This year it’s different. This one, we are just going to talk. I mean, it will still be very interesting, but it’s different.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?
Yes. No theater. I am on three TV shows that start next month. I am on Homeland, I am on a show called Seven Seconds and I am on a show called Instinct and then I just did an episode of Elementary. All TV stuff, but I am doing some workshops of things.

Which do you prefer, TV or theater?
I like theater. I like the reaction of – and most of the TV that I do is very heavy drama so it’s just not as fun.

If you were going undercover to BroadwayCon, what would you cosplay as?
What’s a good one? You know, I saw some people today that were dressed from Wicked and they were the monkey and they had the mask, so it would have to be something that had a mask or heavy prosthetic makeup or something. Maybe I would be the dog from Annie. Just a dog costume. That would be fun. Hot but fun.

What is your favorite fan encounter that you had?
All of them. I can’t pick one. I love them all. They are all different and all amazing. So fun.

Have you got very creative gifts at the stagedoor and what’s your favorite?
Oh, my gosh. So many. I can’t pick a favorite because they are all amazing.

Do you have them on display in your house?
I do. I do. Yes. I have them on display. I mean, just recently for Who’s Holiday a girl made a Pop Funko of Cindy Lou Who and it’s exact. I love that and that is in my home. I have a lot of them on display.

What’s your favorite thing about NYC?
I think just the energy of the people. You know, it’s different. L.A. I am always in my car so you don’t really talk to people. But out here – you can’t help but talk to people.

What’s your favorite emoji?

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