Laura OsnesSince winning the role of Sandy in Grease, Laura’s career has been jam packed with Tony nominated roles and everything in between. From concerts to albums to co-creating the popular Princess Party at Feinstein’s/54 Below, she can do it all – dance, sing, act… it’s no wonder she is Broadway’s sweetheart. Currently you can see Laura in the fantastic new show Bandstand where she takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster every night.

You have had quite a journey since you did Grease: “You Are The One That I Want.” What made you want to audition for the show and do you think it has helped further your career?
I actually was playing Sandy at a dinner theater in Minnesota where I am from when I found out about NBC’s reality show and I just felt in my heart that I should go for it. I talked to my director and they let me out for the weekend to fly to Los Angeles and audition and I think that’s what made me audition for it in the first place, the fact that I was playing the role, and the prize was getting to play Sandy in Grease on Broadway. I always wanted to be on Broadway so that was definitely an initiative, and I was just amazed to continue, making it further into the competition and then yes, it put me on the map. It opened huge doors for me in New York City. I got to move to New York with a year‑long contract in a Broadway show, so it definitely furthered my career.

You’ve been a vlogger and you’re also very active on social media – what is your favorite platform?
Instagram is my favorite because I have always been a photo person. I often make scrapbooks for shows that I do, and so I enjoyed documenting life even before Instagram. Now it’s fun to get to share some of that.

You made scrapbooks for every show you have been in?
I do. I have been doing it since like 1999. I have scrapbooks going all the way back to every show that I have done.

In a few words, describe your experience in the following shows:

Grease was a dream come true moment. That was what I always wanted to do, boom, I got to do that. Broadway.

South Pacific
South Pacific, I always say – this is a line directly from my concert. I grew from being a girl to being a woman during my time as Nellie. That was a growing up experience in a good way, in a beautiful way.

Anything Goes
Anything Goes was champagne and joy.

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde was very close to my heart. It was the first role I got to originate. So that was very special and we were super close.

Cinderella was magical.

You’ve worked with some great leading men like Corey Cott, Jeremy Jordan, Santino Fontana… what has that been like?
Oh, wonderful. I have had the best leading men on Broadway. I am glad you asked that and noticed that because I just feel so lucky that I have gotten to work with so many incredible guys on stage. I can tell you with confidence that all of them are close, dear friends of mine. None of them are divas. I got along very well with all of my Broadway leading men and that’s a huge gift. I have heard horror stories of the leads not getting along or off‑stage drama and tension and I have never had that. It’s just been such a gift to have had such a trusting friendship with every guy I played opposite on Broadway.

You are lucky.
Yes, I am. I really, really am. Of course they are talented, but also really nice people and