Kristin Stokes

Photo by Jessica Osber

Kristin Stokes has an infectious smile and bubbly personality that is apparent from the moment you meet her. In contrast, her character Annabeth in The Lighting Thief comes across as tough go-getter that won’t back down from a fight. Based on the popular Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, the new off Broadway musical follows a group of misfit teens that go on a quest to prevent a war between the Greek gods. With an electrifying score and some epic battle choreography, the show is a delight for both kids and adults. We spoke to Kristin about the similarities she has to Annabeth and how she taps into her inner child to tackle this role.

Serena: Congratulations on your show opening this week. How did it go?
Kristin: It was so exciting. We have had two weeks of previews plus rehearsals. We have been working really hard, changing stuff, literally every day. So for us, we were ready to do this. It was fun and the house was great and it was a blast.

Were you familiar with the Percy Jackson book series beforehand? What made you want to audition for this show?
I have been with this project since the very first two‐week little workshop where it was just the one‐hour version, when they were just kind of dipping their toe into this. I had worked with the director Stephen Brackett before and he told Theatreworks about me, so I got a call from them to come audition and I was like “The Lightning what? I don’t know what it is, but yes, sure whatever.” Luckily I didn’t blow it and they were like “yes, we will take her on.” Since then, I have read the first book twice and I have read the entire series, so now it’s in me and I am such a huge fan. I read the last three books in two days. I was just like, “I can’t stop, I can’t stop reading them.” So now I am the total nerd.

The Cast of The Lightning Thief. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

Do you think you learned a lot about Greek mythology just from being part of The Lightning Thief?
Yes, I think so. I think I retained a lot of the Greek mythology when we talked about it in school. I always found it really fascinating and honestly when I was a kid Athena was my favorite goddess. She is so cool. She is smart, obviously with battle strategy but also all these amazing things. So it was fun to not only do this show, but then go through all the books and I just love how he (Rick Riordan) ties it all into the Greek mythology.