The new Broadway production of Spring Awakening takes the idea of communication to a whole new level. This show features deaf actors who sign ASL, their speaking/singing counterparts and some who do both. I had a chance to chat with Kathryn Gallagher, who is making her Broadway debut. Kathryn is the voice of Martha and WOW, can she sing. She is also the sweetest person ever and extremely friendly to all her fans at the stage door.

What was your first exposure to Broadway and musical theatre, and how did it influence you?
I grew up with my father [Peter Gallagher] being a theatre actor, so I was raised in this community and with a huge respect for Broadway and theatre in general. I also, as an individual, grew up always listening to musical theatre and in dance classes, so really it’s been my whole life. I can’t remember a time without theatre in my life. I dressed up as Annie for my preschool class picture. (And every other day).

What was the first Broadway show you saw?
The first Broadway show I saw was The Lion King!

Have you seen any of the current shows on Broadway? If so, what’s your favorite right now?
Yes! I saw Fun Home and I LOVED it!! I saw Andy [Mientus] in Les Mis last year which I loved as well. I’ve seen pretty much all of the longer running shows but the newer shows I haven’t seen as much of! I have a long list of things I want to see.

Most hilarious or embarrassing moment onstage?
Hmmmm… I have a lot… I’m a mess, I fall a ton and I am always tripping. There’s really too many to name… There’s a tally in my dressing room for how many times I’ve fallen during the show. Like that’s where we’re at with me.


Photo credit: James Gallagher

Who would you like to work with?
My friends. This might be a lame answer but honestly, nothing is better than working with your friends. I’m so lucky right now doing my first Broadway show with my best friends in the world, I want it to always be like this.

But, for the answer you’re probably looking for… I would really love to write or do a record with Jack Antonoff or Matty Healy and George Daniel. They’re musicians who right now I really respect and think are doing really cool things with Pop music.

Which show would you revive?
I want to do Hair… I think that would be really fun.

What’s it like being dance captain?
It’s remarkably difficult. It’s a lot of work on my own time learning everyone’s choreography, making the dance bible, getting prepared for understudy rehearsals and put-ins. I’m always at the gym practicing the choreography…. one time I ran into Spencer [Liff] while I was in the gym running the “Touch Me” choreography. That was embarrassing.

It’s been really cool though; I look at the show in a whole new way now. It’s been a challenge but it keeps things fresh. There’s always something to be working on and learning and paying attention to. Plus I have an excuse to learn all the amazing choreo for the show that I don’t get to do because I’m playing guitar! It’s the best of both worlds.