Edited  by Gabrielle

On Thursday, July 16 I attended a Joey Contreras concert and it was so much fun. The first song he performed was “Love Wildly,” which is so upbeat and catchy that I can’t get it out of my head. “Ohio,” was another highlight of the evening; both songs are so wonderful and are repeated on my iPod.

I feel all of Joey’s songs are so fantastic because they can connect with so many people from all over. They speak to experiences most people have; he makes it easy to be a fan of his music. Joey had so many great singers accompany him on stage, like Ben Fankhauser and Adam Kaplan from Newsies. It was great to see those two share a stage again. Brad Greer, who sang “Love Wildly”, was spectacular (he’s also really cute). Amanda Lopez, the grand prize winner of the Joey Shine contest sang “Love Me, Love Me Not”. She was good and I can’t wait to see her on stage again.

Let’s not forget the start of the show, Joey himself! He has so much spunk and fun when he’s on stage jamming to his songs on his keyboard, but when he sings it’s amazing. I can’t wait to attend his next concert. Alex Newell, Zak Resnick, Kerri George, Krystina Alabado, Diana Huey, Jules Braverman, Spencer Kiely, and Tatina Lofton also made appearances. It was so nice to see all of them on stage supporting Joey and helping to bring his music to new heights.

Part 2: of interview



Joy: What would you say so far is your biggest accomplishment and that you’re most proud of?

Joey: I’m really proud of my last album to be honest. I’m kind in love with the name of it. I worked really hard on it, and I had so many collaborators that gave their time and talent and energy and passion to it, and it’s such a beautiful thing at the end of the day to see how it came together and it took a year to record, and I am just really proud of how it all came together. But another accomplishment that’s like blowing my mind is when I see kids all over the country and the world singing my music, that’s a huge accomplishment. It’s just a touching thing to see people using my music to help them either get their training or in their talent shows or a girl won a scholarship to college singing one of my songs.

Joy: That’s amazing.

Joey: Just so incredible.


Joey and Brad