Transcribed by Rivka, Edited  by Asher

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Joey Contreras, who is bringing his own brand of musical pop to NYMF in 2015. I got to talk to him about his one-night-only concert, which will be on Thursday July 16th, and his plans for his career. I really enjoyed talking with him and I am looking forward to his concert which will also be featuring Broadway’s Ben Fankhauser, Kerri George, Adam Kaplan, Krystina Alabado, Diana Huey, Spencer Kiely, Brad Greer and more.


Concert details: Joey Contreras on Thursday, July 16th at The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at The Pershing Square Signature Center
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Joy: What was your first exposure to Broadway and musical theater, and how did that influence you and your music?

Joey: I was exposed to a lot of music in general at a young age. My mom and my dad were singers and performers and musicians, so I was always around music, and then at age four I started tap dancing and at five I did my first community theater production of the Music Man. I played Winthrop, which was kind of funny because I am a Mexican Jew and Winthrop was typically normally like a ginger Irish boy, but then I ended up just really loving theater and I did three more productions of the Music Man over the course of like five years. Actually I don’t know if you’re a Newsies fan

Joy: Yeah, I’m a Newsies fan.

Joey: A friend of mine who was in Music Man with me, she played the role of Katherine’s understudy- her name is Madeline Trumble .

Joy: I never got to see her in Newsies.

Joey: She and I did a production of Music Man. We grew up in the same area like fifteen, twenty years ago.

Joy: So cute.

Joey: She was my Amaryllis, I just honestly, I kind of grew up in theater very young.

Joy: You’re lucky.

Joey: Yes. My parents were very supportive and I had lots of dance, and lots of acting. I’m from Northern California so I started theater in San Francisco and I worked with really cool people and I really kind of was thrown in the professional theater very quickly.

Joy: What was your first Broadway show that you saw when you came to New York?

Joey: It was Cats.

Joy: I never saw that. You’re lucky.

Joey: It was, you know, it’s not like my favorite

Joy: I haven’t seen it and I heard it’s coming back, and people are like I don’t get it, why is it coming back?

Joey: Yeah, it’s a very polarizing show. I think it’s also either people really love it or people just kind of don’t. But that’s every show, true? I think certain shows more than others. I think at the end of the day everyone really loves Book of Mormon.

Joy: Yes, that’s true. I just won the lottery last week. That show was amazing.

Joey: Was it your first time?

Joy: No, it was my second time but it was my first time actually being able to see the stage, because the first time I went to the lottery I was like in the box seats and you can’t see the stage from there. I was able to see my sister’s head because she had a better seat. It’s really good. Also when you’re sitting in the front row you’re able to see their expressions.

Joey: Oh yes. I won the lottery one time too and I felt like a little kid. I was like oh my gosh, like Broadway the glow of just seeing them so close and seeing my friends up there and feeling