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To see or not to see Something Rotten is not the question. Broadway’s new comedy musical will make you laugh so hard, you’ll bruise your ribs. You will never be able to look at an omelette again without cracking up. At last weeks 106.7 Lite FM’s Broadway in Bryant Park, I had the pleasure of interviewing John Cariani who plays Nigel Bottom in Something Rotten.

John Cariani and Kate Reinders

Joy: What is your favorite part about being in Something Rotten?

John: Oh wow, I have a lot of favorite parts. I’ve never been in a show that has extensive set design. I love how the set moves and I I love all the wigs ’cause I’ve never been in a show that has so many wig changes and stuff, and I love the costumes. I think I love the technical elements a lot because I’ve never been in a show that has such incredible technical elements and I just love telling the story every night, it’s a great story.

Joy: What is it like working with a great cast– for instance Brian D’arcy James?

John: It is an A-List of musical theater comedy people and I love them.

Joy: What was your reaction when you were told you would be working with all these great people?

John: When I was told Brian D’arcy James is playing my brother and Christian Borle was playing Shakespeare I kind of freaked out, that’s about as exciting as it gets and it’s just so fun because everybody in the audience responds and it is unlike anything any of us has ever experienced, so it’s just a blast every night.

Joy: What’s your favorite part to perform every night; which number do you like the most?

John: Right now my favorite is “God I Hate Shakespeare” because you feel the audience going to me.

Joy: Why do you tell people to come see Something Rotten?

John: Because it’s a cross between Spamalot, 42nd Street and The Book of Mormon, and when I tell people that they come and see it.

Joy: Is there anything else you want to say?

John: It’s the most fun show, and I love it.

Joy: Thank you for answering my questions.

The cast of Something Rotten
The cast of Something Rotten

Why I think you should see Something Rotten:

  • The constant Shakespeare puns and references are flawlessly integrated into the witty dialogue. With a smirk on your face, you’ll find yourself recognizing all those quotes you had to memorize back in the day. There are also numerous pokes at other Broadway shows, so theater fans will get a thrill each time they catch a reference.
  • It’s an ORIGINAL musical by brothers Karey & Wayne Kirkpatrick. While most current musicals are based off of movies, existing stories, or revivals, Something Rotten was written from scratch. It means that you can approach it blindly with no expectations and then be blown away with an amazing spectacle.
  • This musical is one of the funniest pieces you will ever see onstage. The dialogue is genius and the jokes cause the audience to burst into cackling laughter. You’ll be in stitches the whole time. This is simply a list, but there are many more reasons why Something Rotten is this season’s must-see musical. Read it here. Buy your tickets, see the show, and forever live with the epic memories in your heart. You’ll thank us later. Read more here.

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