Here’s How It Starts & Here’s How It Ends

Six months ago I started my blog, I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading, sharing, and keeping me updated on the shows you have been going to see. As we are reaching my anniversary, one of my favorite shows, If/Then, is coming to an end. I think it would be apropos to share my very first post again, which was a review of this amazing show.

If/Then starring Idina Menzel will be closing on March 22. I am very very sad to see this go. It is a great show with exciting twist turns that shows you life doesn’t always go as planned. It is one of those shows that gets better each time you see it. The first time I wasn’t sure how I felt, but by the second time it became one of the best shows I’d ever seen and easily a favorite. It’s a show that makes you think, and you should definitely try and catch it before it leaves Broadway. You can read my first review here.

Happy six months y’all!!

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