Not Your Children’s Puppet Show: Hand To God

Written by Gabrielle

If you happen to be walking along West 45th Street and hear uproarious laughter or sudden gasps, chances are you are near the Booth Theater where new American play Hand to God is playing. The raunchy dark comedy began performances April 7th of this year and has been shocking audiences ever since. Here are just five of the (many) reasons to see the show yourself!

  1.  Steven Boyer is a Puppet Master
    Tony-nominated Stephen Boyer played dual roles in the dark comedy. His body for the most part was playing Christian good boy Jason, save for his hand that animates his best friend and naughty puppet Tyrone. Boyer’s ability to switch characters so smoothly is really a performance not to be missed. You almost forget that Tyrone is a puppet on his hand because Stephen Boyer does such a phenomenal job of convincing the audience that Tyrone has a mind of his own.11150621_773791696067932_1038952099958890105_n
  2.  Who Doesn’t Love Puppets?
    The unique thing about Hand to God is the show’s use of puppetry. Where past shows have used puppets as characters or as props, this one does a great job of doing both without confusing the audience. It’s a fun dynamic to watch unfold.11148766_764156123698156_5533976366689948758_n
  3. This is Geneva Carr’s BROADWAY DEBUT?!
    During Hand to God, you’ll notice there are some really intense monologues, most of which performed by newcomer Geneva Carr. You’ll be just as surprised as I was to learn that this is her first Broadway credit. She has a way of pulling you to her and all you want to do is listen to what she has to say. Her heart-breaking performance as Jason’s newly widowed mother, Margery. Michael Oberholtser also debuts as Timothy, the hot-headed third member of the puppetry group who has a thing for Margery. He is also absolutely wonderful.997077_772886212825147_628500994682276327_n
  4. There is Actually a Great Lesson to be Learned
    Aside from the gore and the hilariously crude humor, there is actually a really good message to be learned about temptation and the power of it. I won’t spoil it though…you will just have to see the show top find out!11025719_736634893116946_3018671377169655834_n
  5. There isn’t Anything Else Like Hand to God
    There’s a ground-breaking musical at Hamilton. There’s a crowd-favorite in Wicked. There’s a Broadway staple in Chicago. Hand to God brings something different to the theatrical table. The dark comedy isn’t really like anything else I’ve seen on Broadway. The show itself is filled with intensity and laughter up until the very end, and the cast of this show just propels it to a whole new level of insanity. This show really is one for the books and not to be missed.11722322_808217985958636_8852892588086252362_o

Please be warned that this show, although it uses puppetry, is NOT for children. I would recommend ages 16 and up. To purchase tickets, visit here for information.

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