Go Grease Lightning

I have seen Grease on Broadway twice and I watched the movie hundreds of times, so you can say I am huge fan of Grease! When I heard The Bayswater Players were putting on a production of Grease, I had to go see it.12345662_10153344863068763_4879364347709619961_n

This version remind me a lot of the 1994 version I saw on Broadway. It started off the same way with a teacher walking down the aisle telling people to sit up and and stop talking.

Everyone in the cast was so great and I enjoyed the show a lot! Highlights include “Those Magic Changes,” which Doody played by Noah Morris, totally rocked, and “Born to Hand Jive. The dancing was amazing and the singing was so great.

I also enjoyed the performance of “Grease Lightning”12310475_1689266537953562_187774407646431546_n which used many of the same dance moves as the movie and the Broadway Show which was amazing. I also like that Kenickie (Robert Alvarez) sang it. The girl who played Rizzo (Ariana Wolfson) stole the show, and she has an amazing voice.

If you love Grease as much as I do you should definitely go see this production. You will not be disappointed!

You can still see GREASE at Bayswater in the next coming weeks! Tickets are on sale. Call 17182089687 to order or visit the website for easy ordering.

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