Get excited for Broadway Con!

BroadwayCon 2017 promises to be a fantastic weekend packed with so many exciting events! Here’s why we are looking forward to this year’s Con:

Theater Geeks.
The best part of BroadwayCon is getting to meet tons of theater fans from all over the world. (If normalcy in a geek venue is being geek, then the regular normal is the outlier, consequently the normal person is the geek and the geek person is the normal! Yes? Totally.) If everyone in the venue is geeking out over Broadway, does that mean we’re not really geeks??) Friendships will be formed, memories will be made and someone there is guaranteed to be nerdier than you.

The Stars. 
You get to breathe the same air as some of your favorite Broadway stars! You’ll also have an opportunity to meet actors from all different Broadway shows, get their autograph and take photos. Don’t forget to bring a sharpie (*hint* Broadwaywiz has super special green sharpies!)

Sneak Peek.
There are so many amazing shows opening in the Spring and many of them will be performing at BroadwayCon’s First Look. Last year we saw Denée Benton (Great Comet), Michael Park (Tuck Everlasting) and the cast of Disaster! the Musical. This year’s performances include Anastasia, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Amélie, and more!

Unexpected Moments.
Last year’s BlizzardCon proved that unplanned and spontaneous moments can be the most fun, so we’re looking forward to some surprises this year. Who knows what will go down? BlizzardCon version 2.0??

Broadway Merch
Bigger venue means more vendors in the Marketplace. We’re excited to see what interesting items and collectibles will be for sale. So far we know that Lights of Broadway will be selling limited edition BroadwayCon cards.

BroadwayCon Jukebox
Hosted by the hilarious Ben Cameron, this event promises to be entertaining. The audience gets to choose which songs the stars perform, which means anything can happen! I’m a little teapot anyone?

If you’re attending BroadwayCon, be sure to check out our tips for a fun BroadwayCon experience!

Be sure to say hello if you see Broadway Wiz (Joy or Serena) and ask us for a Bright Star button!

What are you excited to see at BroadwayCon 2017? Tell us in the comments below.

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