Edited by Gabrielle

If you’re looking for a truly magical musical that is made from pure imagination, then Finding Neverland is the show for you.

Here are my top 6 reasons why you see the show

  • The Llewelyn Davies kids are so talented and adorable. They totally make the show! The four boys I saw were terrific! I loved getting to see Sawyer Nunes (Casey Butler replaced Nunes). Aidan Gemme, who was on for Peter , was heartbreakingly emotional. How a kid can act like that is beyond me. The other boys I saw were Alex Drier, who was so sweet and cute, as Michael and Christopher Paul Richard as Jack who played such a singer and has lots of spunk. Their songs were great and so playful, too. I wanted more of them. the boys or alternate the roles are Noah Hinsdale, Jackson Demott Hill and Eli Tokash all three are amazing as well)

  • The musical numbers are incredible! “Believe” performed by JM Barrie (Mathew Morrison) with  Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Laura Michelle Kelly) and the boys was astounding. The way the set and stage move around during the song is unreal. It’s like they are actually in Neverland.

  • This show makes you feel like a kid again. Seeing Peter Pan flying and hearing the magical musical number made up of classic nursery rhymes, you just want to hop on stage and join in on the fun with the cast.


  •  Seeing Mathew Morrison on stage after watching him on Glee for so many years was great. I loved when Morrison sings the song “Stronger” His voice is so powerful.

  • The scene and set design are out of this world! It is incredible how they built the ship and made it look like it was on water.  The scene where the mother flies off to Neverland is amazing and a tear jerker. Bring tissues!
  • Kel