Eliyahu KheelWith over forty-four thousand members and growing, All Things Broadway is one of the largest Broadway fan groups on Facebook. It brings together people from all over the world who want to discuss their love (and obsession) of theater. On any given day there are hundreds of new posts that range from silly to serious. All of this is managed by the group founder and admin, Eliyahu Kheel. We asked him to answer ten questions about All Things Broadway.

1: Where did you get your love of theater?
I grew up in a very musical family. There was always classical music playing around the house. My mom had a strong passion for musical theatre as well. So naturally, as a rebellious child, I wanted nothing to do with any of it. Years later, I started playing guitar and singing along to pop songs on the radio. Beatles, John Lennon, even One Direction and Justin Bieber! (Don’t judge). But none of them clicked with me. So my mom introduced me to the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical Carousel. From the moment I heard that beautiful melody, I was hooked.

2: Why did you decide to start a Facebook group and what did you initially think it would be?
The group initially was born because I was annoying my friends by posting Broadway articles on my personal Facebook profile upwards of ten times a day. They kept begging me to take it elsewhere. So I started this tiny group for me and a few theatre friends to geek out about Broadway. And lo and behold, All Things Broadway was born!

3: Were you surprised at how much All Things Broadway has grown?
I’m STILL surprised. I wake up every morning with upwards of sixty notification from the group and about a hundred new posts! I never expected the group to reach past a hundred members! 44,000 and growing is beyond my wildest dreams! It shows what happens when you provide people a space to share their love with people from around the world over this beautiful art form!

4: What’s the best thing that has come out of this group?
There have been so many amazing things to come from the group. From making friends that will last forever, to learning more about theatre than I ever did before. But the greatest thing for me has been just seeing the group flourish so much in the past three years! It seems cheesy. But this group really is my baby. I created it from scratch and now it’s the largest general FB group for theatre fans and Broadway stars alike to share their love!

5: Do you have any future plans for the group?
I am constantly working on improving the group in many ways. Recently, I’ve been branching out to other forms of social media such as Instagram, YouTube, a Facebook page, a website, etc. Facebook groups have so much access. But there’s always more!

At the same time as this, I’ve been working really hard to extend our outreach to the Broadway professional community. I can’t go too much into detail right now. But as an actor, I feel there’s a disconnect between the fans and the pros that isn’t needed and is just harming the art form. I will work till my dying breath to use this amazing group to bring together the three Tony award winners within the group, the fans in the group, and every other pro within the group and outside of the group through the reason we’re all here. Because we love Broadway.

6: What’s your favorite show currently on Broadway?
Dear Evan Hansen. I know it see