Eliana is a Bright Star!

Meet Broadway Wiz Bright Star, Eliana from Cleveland, OH.

Her favorite performer is Idina Menzel and she also works as an usher and at a theater summer camp.

On average, how many Broadway shows do you see a year?
I am seeing my first two Broadway shows this August, Come From Away and Dear Evan Hansen

How many local shows or community theater shows do you see a year?
I see all 7 shows in the KeyBank Broadway Series at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio, the largest theater district in the country outside of NYC. I also see shows that our local professional companies put on each year.

Favorite Broadway show:

All-time favorite performer:
Idina Menzel, she is my idol, I hope one day to meet her.

Songs you like to belt in the shower:
Currently “Me and the Sky” from Come From Away, it changes though.

Favorite piece of theater memorabilia you own:
I have a Playbill signed by Kristin Chenoweth that my friend got me when she saw her concert show in NYC. I also have an autographed Elphaba picture signed by Idina Menzel that my friend got me, as well as a Something Rotten Playbill I got signed by Adam Pascal when I saw him in Something Rotten.

Most memorable performance you’ve ever seen:
I have seen Idina Menzel twice in concert, the second time this past summer. She sang “Perfect Story” (from her album), “Wind Beneath My Wings,” and “Defying Gravity,” one after another. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life, I was sitting at the concert with tears pouring down my face.

Best interaction you have had with another theater fan:
One of my best friends and I went to see the 20th anniversary tour of Rent this past year in Akron, Ohio. It is one of my favorite moments, we shared our joy and love for theater together, we laughed and cried. It is just a moment that is so special to me.

Also, the first time my mom and I saw Wicked together here in Cleveland. I love sharing theater with my mom.

Why do you love theater?
I have a metabolic disorder called SCAD. I cannot overheat or over exert myself, so when I was little by parents tried to find a camp that would keep me healthy. I have now been a part of the Mandel Jewish Community Center’s Performing Arts Camp since I was 6. I was a camper for 8 years, and will be returning this summer for my 5th year on staff. Theater has opened me to a family of special, kind, talented people who I am honored to call my family.

Dream roles?
I would love to be Elphaba (Wicked), Sylvia (Finding Neverland), Eponine (Les Misérables), or Hodel (Fiddler on the Roof).

Best stagedoor or backstage experience?
When I got to meet Adam Pascal after seeing Something Rotten. Also when the Wizard of Oz was on tour, I went to see it in Pittsburgh with my Grandpa and we have connections with the actress who played the Wicked Witch so we were able to go backstage. I have also been able to stand on the three main stages in the three main theaters in Playhouse Square.

Favorite spots in NYC:
I have never been, counting down the days until my first trip this summer.

If you could sing a duet or perform a scene with any Broadway star, who would it be?
I would want to sing “For Good” with Kristen Chenoweth, “Take Me or Leave Me” with Idina Menzel, and “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” with Matthew Morrison.

Did you ever fangirl when you met an actor/performer?:
After I met Adam Pascal, I was walking away from the stage door with my friends and we were all speechless, we could not believe it had actually happened.

Favorite thing about Broadway Wiz?
All the cool merchandise.

What would your super power be?
I would have the ability to see any Broadway show I wanted, whenever I wanted for free – lol I wish.

Besides theater, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?
I pretty much eat, sleep, and live theater. I am usher at Playhouse Square – I see all the shows for free. I work at a theater summer camp, I do shows, etc.

Where can we stalk you online?
Instagram: @bortz1128
Twitter: eliana_bortz
Facebook: Eliana R Bortz

Anything else you would like to share? Funny stories, weird facts about yourself, cool talents?
My dream is to one day meet Idina Menzel and tell her how she has changed me for the better – Wicked pun intended.

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